Private Lessons


Lessons are conducted at various locations around the practice facility as well as the golf course.


Clients can expect a multitude of teaching aspects to improve your game.

  • Video analyses ( before and after effects)
  • Teaching aids
  • Launch monitors and other swing analyses data platforms

Lesson time allowance up to 60 minutes.


Juniors are our sports future. Never have we granted a serious approach to our youth. The game for kids should be nothing less than, fun, encouraging, low performance based, Interactive and Safe.


​Private lessons are availble for existing juniors who have already attended our kids classes or hold official golf link handicaps.


Lessons time allowance approx 30 minutes.


All new Juniors to golf are encouraged to attend our play golf clinics held regularly before embarking on private tuition. Please contact us for next available dates

Playing Lesson


Playing lessons can only be booked by existing clients.


Complete knowledge and understanding of my clients is critical, so to apply the best playing strategies and course management skills for score improvement and to ensure the best practices can be applied.


Playing is all about having fun and challenging your skills. Learn the simple basic way and this will become a sport to enjoy for a lifetime.


Lessons time allowance approx 2hours (9holes)

Private tuition provides a personal direct 100% attention to your game improvement.


Lessons are identified in need of learning rather than time and a stop watch.  


Sure, the lessons can't go on all day however the end is only granted once a full understanding and knowledge for future application is attained.










know your game !

Servicing the Goulburn Valley

25 Years Coaching Experience

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