Private tuition traditionally is one on one coaching to allow for a more direct approach. Also available are small groups where friends or family can join and share the coaching time.

Private tuition is also great for the time restricted golfer as flexibility for days and times are organised to suit you.



Club fitting is one of the most important fundamentals to get right for all players.


So often I hear players quote "they won't get new clubs until they improve"which sometimes can be contradictory if the clubs are the cause and restricting that improvement.


Some players feel that a club fitting is a sales spiel. This maybe true depending on the type of golf shop you are in.


Club fit or Club check is just like going to the optometrist/dentist/doctor for a check up. Best to eliminate the fault of the clubs before embarking on swing changes.




Professional Club Fitting incorporates many specifications :

  • Club length and lie angle                                                                  
  • Shaft flex and type
  • Grip size and texture

​The 3 main club fitting components are:

  1. Woods & hybrids
  2. Irons & utilities
  3. Wedges & putters










Club fitting can be conducted in two ways:

  1. Static
    • ​​Usually conducted indoors using a measuring stick from finger tips to the ground and for set up position only - this method is ok for beginners and juniors
  2. Dynamic
    • ​​On the practice fairway (outdoors) measuring your clubs spec's through club head speed, impact positions, ball flight and distance. Dynamically fitted clubs is the most comprehensive way to ensure your clubs are suited to you as the real ball flight never lies.

You can be rest assured the decisions I make on your new club(s) are a perfect fit, as I back this up with a free post check up, where any adjustments required are covered under the service warranty we provide.


Demo club options are also available for free.


Book your next "FREE" Club Fit with me today 

  • Loft & degrees
  • Head design
  • Set make up

Group classes is a more cost effective way to learn or improve. Classes are conducted regurlarly and an ideal way to meet new friends and learn this great game together.

Groups are small with generally a 1 to 6 ratio.

Classes are available in ladies, mixed and juniors.

Considerations should be thought for days and times as these are consistent usually over a 5 week program.


Advanced and Elite players also benefit from my 25 years of coaching a simple method to Golf. At no time should the basic fundamentals of the game be ignored or taken for granted. Usually the most trouble some of errors are easily fixed via the simple back to basic's approach.



club fitting


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There is no doubt that modern equipment and technology have allowed golf to become an easier sport to play. Beginners, especially kids and ladies all benefit from the lighter, easier equipment of today.


New coaching practices and concepts have also evolved over the years with methods of all differing beliefs being consumed by golfers all over the world.


I believe that no matter how much technology and new data is available, the basic understanding and how it applies to your game is still the most important fundamental to playing happy golf, whether you be new and hooked or a season advanced campaigner.


I don't use high tech talk, confusing or contradicting systems. Just simply, an easy to understand traditional program.


On the practice fairway you will see modern equipment like, swing speed analysers, tablets with online apps for video swing appraisal to traditional good old fashion swing aids like rubber tyres to alignment sticks.


If you need game improvement strategies, have a niggling problem, lost your way, or are new to the game then my easy fun coaching methods are for you.


Coaching includes,                                                                                                                              Darren Rodgers

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